£194 Cheap Flights to New York - KAYAK (2024)

Extremely low quality food. Ordered muslim meals but got vegetarian meals instead. Muslims are not vegetarian, they love meat as much as any other non-vegetarian person, so make a decent effort to get halal meals. Regardless, the vegan sandwich was absolutely tasteless. I am pretty sure the company making that sandwich does not even do a taste test itself

Arriving at Heathrow was a complete disaster because air bridge broke down and it took ages to find spare stairs! Something that I'd kick Heathrow in the shins for, not Finnair - who were great.

Not great. Flight attendants were aloof, food was mediocre, seats that I paid $150 were given to someone else without any concession. I will probably never use kayak again. Terrible experience from start to finish.

The wine was low quality Finnair label stuff in small bottles and only one small bottle each. Embarassinng. A competing airline served me two generous glasses of a nice South African Shiraz from regular wine bottles, a Beck's beer, and a generous Dewar's White Label on the rocks. Cabin service was good and polite, plane interior was beautiful, but cramped.

All good- I love BA and the professionalism of the crew and pilots.

Great flight- smooth, nice crew, nice clean aircraft, departed a little late but arrived 10 early.

It was listed on my ticket as Finnair but there was no indication that the flight was Finnair. In fact the number was even different. There were no employees there until exactly 2 hours before so we had to wait in line at Iberia and hope

Sorting on line would have been appreciated Onward information on flights missed No ability to get seating arranged before we got to gate Very unfriendly at gate

The flight was Finnair but there was no indications anywhere that the checkin was for Finnair also. There was no one to ask. I think at a minimum they should list the code shares so people don’t stand in the wrong line for an hour.

I booked the flight with Finnair, which made the arrangements for downloading a boarding pass unnecessarily complicated. I wouldn't do that again. Instead I'd book direct with AA.

I think Virgin is one of the best flying experiences, especially from/to the UK. The staff are so helpful and fun, the food is good, seats comfortable, goof entertainment and great value. Check in and boarding is pretty pain free. I also find that the other passengers are generally so kind and considerate than when I've flown other airlines.

Cabin crew on our flight showed lack of any customer service gruff and acting annoyed if you asked anything and I mean anything Example a man on the seat over dropped his beer on my husbands blanket We asked if we could switch out blankets cabin crew Said. No we don’t have any extras OK well can you take the wet one Cabin crew looked disgusted and annoyed Took it no OK or yes just a growl

Quick flight. But cabin crew were very noisy and talking too much, especially when we were seated at the back of the plane trying to sleep through the night .

My ticket was for Premium Economy and all the seats were taken, I was placed in Economy class and I’m looking for a refund.

Unfortunately delayed 2 hrs due to faulty tyre.. which had to be changed, but better safe than sorry.

The delay was an issue. Other than that. Every thing good

Hi vergin Atlantic service was good but the flight ticket agent travel up charge me extra 57 pounds as a airport charges, actually I refuse to pay but they say if I not pay £57 then they say you will not be able to travel from Heathrow to goa ,so for me there was no option and it was just 3 day before my departure so i paid, so please look in to the matter. And I have a receipt of £ 57 as well .thanks

Staff didn’t check cabin well for landing seemed more interested in chatting to each other. Food was poor and differed from pre order.

We were in the last group to be called to the flight - which was 30 minutes late taking off. While we were lucky enough to have been given bulkhead seats (due to a medical condition I’d told them about beforehand) the seats weren’t particularly comfortable. A crying baby for the whole trip made things worse, so the crew managed very well with coping. The final thing I’d say was that there wasn’t enough food served during the flight.

Very good. Glad we had Premium for the flight out.

Great customer service. Frequent updates from the pilot. Smooth flight. Good entertainment. Meal service.

Long unexplained delay, uncomfortable back row, long waits for trash collection.

Plane could have been cleaner. There were many crumbs and crud around the seat mounts.

Short flight so not much to rate. Surprised I had to pay for a soda.

the room on the plane was good but that is because flight not sold the other three seat and I had room. the food in terrible.

First the price I paid was excellent, my flight was full, but my seat was roomy. The one downside to the experience was they had games on the entertainment console. The guy behind me poked at my head about half the flight. I hope they get rid of this feature.

There were a lot of empty rows. As a single passenger I should not have been seated with 2 others. The WiFi didn’t work. The Kosher meal was awful.

They should. Heck planes more often not when they are suppose to be leaving causing delays

They lost my baggage on my connecting flight and we’re an hour late so I nearly missed it

Thankfully not a full flight so although my headphone jack wasn’t working 100% on my window seat, I was able to move to the aisle seat. Food was fine, nothing great but tasty enough. Crew were friendly and made enough rounds. Always have a decent experience with Aer Lingus

Longest check in line I have ever seen- brutal and airline personnel hustled me about the size of my bag even though I showed them that it measured exactly to the measurements posted on their site. Just super annoying- I get it - it’s a budget airline and you get what you pay for. Most of the flight were young people who seemed to have never experienced international travel. It’s worth paying for a seat otherwise you will be uncomfortable.

We flew premium on the way TO London but went back to economy for this flight. The differences I note here may be colored by changing service. The crew was professional and polite but cold on this flight and class of service. They seemed to want to have as little to do with us as possible, beyond providing the basic services in economy. The aircraft was still good though, and the pitch was about as tight as expected - manageable but no extra personal space to spare. Overall I would certainly fly Norse Atlantic again, given the opportunity.

The crew really made the difference. Some of the friendliest cabin crew I have ever encountered- they seemed genuinely happy to be there, and took pride in their airline and aircraft. The Dreamliner was quieter than legacy aircraft and while meals weren’t to our preference, they were at least something to keep us going!

I loved the ability to upgrade my seat which was worth it. The large seat and ability to recline made it comfortable to fall asleep. My only two complaints were entertainment (movie selections were old) and approx 30 mins before landing the crew started to collect the blankets despite the cabin air temperature remaining cold. Maybe wait for passengers to get off the plane before collecting the blankets.

Excellent! Although it stinks to pay extra for leg room and then have no screen option.

Very much dislike: Airline requires check-in at the Airport Airline does not work with TSA PreCheck

Overall a great experience. Only complaint was the movie selection was pretty limited, but that's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things and easy to overcome.

The crew was unfriendly front check-in. The filth in the plane was so disappointing. I could smell dirt and looked up and there was literally dirt that was blowing in through the air. Old food on the seat back tray in front of me so I didn’t use it. No toilet paper in the bathroom and scum/old dirt next to the seats.

No blanket pillow headphones, not even a water or snack makes for a very uncomfortable flight. There are too many extra fees that should be basic and standard included.

There was no communication about the check-in process, even the fact that Norse doesn’t do online check-in! And once we were at the Los Angeles airport (LAX), there was no signage or assistance about where to check in. I kept Googling for 3rd party information until I finally found on the airport website that we had to check in at Terminal 1 and be bussed back to Terminal B, the international terminal. How were we supposed to know that?! Otherwise, the flight itself was comfortable and the attendants were helpful and friendly. I just feel like we were lucky to have managed the check-in and boarding process on our own - why keep it a secret??

We're waiting an BA flight being operated from London to Raleigh

Could be better in all aspects. Poor communication. Rude staff

The seats are comfortable enough, but the layout in business is wacky. The boarding process is disorganized. The flight attendants are friendly enough, but the food and snacks are sub par.

Crew was great. Food definitely top 10% for airline food. Seat was comfortable and legroom was good, BUT the seats were too close together and I was touching arms with the guy next to me the entire flight. Also, I had an aisle seat, and although my arm was pulled right up to my side, I was bumped by passengers and crew at least 6x. I'm looking into business class next time. One last note: the whole British-AA airlines partnership thing was confusing. In 2024 this should be seamless, and passengers shouldn't need this # for BA and that # for AA. There should be a single unified way of messaging from the airlines and checking things for the passengers.

The flight booked from jfk to Raleigh was pointless. There is no way to make that connection flight although the employees tried their best for us to make it on time. I had to wait 6 hours for another flight

First of all, the flight was delayed. Then at the gate they told me I got upgraded. I told them that if is not a window sit (like the one I purchased already) I am not interested. They still switch me stating: "is more room for the legs". Came to board on airplane to find out is a middle row sit. I explained the stewardess that I have a spine health problem therefore I need a window sit to lean against the wall. She put me to wait by the airplane door till the person who now got my sit will come aboard and if he/she will agree to switch sits then I will get back my window sit. I got lucky that the person agreed. Next was the food. I don't expect restaurant quality meal on a plane, but I do expect to be thoroughly cooked. The green beans in my meal were raw as can be making the meal uneatable. Thank God we got a piece of bread and some butter to last me for the +9 hours flight. Overall, my experience was awful, and I promised myself that even I have to pay more for the ticket I will never fly with British again.

It's been a while since I've seen flight attendants who seem to enjoy their job. James was outstanding. He wasn't only friendly, but he also smiled sincerely as we worked with passengers. It was refreshing to see him and the other attendants.

Very tight space and cold. But we were in economy

a/ c way too cold in Miami airport. Ridiculous cold temperatures. I was suffering the hole time.

Flew premium economy from LHR - PHX. Beautiful new a350. Lovely friendly staff. Actually pretty delicious food. Loved it

£194 Cheap Flights to New York - KAYAK (2024)


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