Blueface’s Manager Sheds Light on Chrisean Rock’s Legal Situation - GistFest (2024)

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On Monday, June 10, 2024, Chrisean Rock was arrested in Los Angeles based on a felony fugitive warrant. You’d probably think that because she’s Blueface’s baby mama, he’d want to bail her. However, it looks like that isn’t happening. Blueface’s manager, Cash Jones, also known as “Wack 100,” has shared why he can’t bail her.

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Blueface’s Manager Sheds Light on Chrisean Rock’s Legal Situation - GistFest (1)

Wack 100 shared a video on his Instagram page on June 13 with the caption, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” In the video, Blueface’s manager talked about Rock’s legal situation. He also explained that he simply felt he wasn’t in the right position to address the matter, especially considering that Rock isn’t his client but Blueface.

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Wack 100 Explains Chrisean Rock’s Legal Situation

According to Wack 100, of the three warrants Rock has—the Arizona, California, and Oklahoma warrants—two aren’t serious. The major warrant that is an issue is in Oklahoma. Wack 100 explained that Oklahoma gave Rock a no-bail warrant because of an alleged probation violation.So, no one can bail her out of police custody. Wack 100 replied to those asking him why he hasn’t gotten Rock an attorney. He said, “We don’t need to get her an attorney. That judge is gonna do what that judge is gonna do when she gets back down there.” Wack 100 believes the California court would grant Rock bail because he feels her offense has been reduced.

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However, Wack 100 added that he would have even if Blueface had asked him to go get her out. “But there’s nothing anybody can f*****g do; when you got a hold, you got a hold,” he added. The rapper’s manager also mentioned that he had warned Rock about arriving at Van Nuys West Courthouse before her arrest. But it looked like she didn’t understand how serious her legal situation was. However, Blueface’s manager says Chrisean Rock would either be released before summer is up or before Christmas. In his words, “She’ll be alright. She’s in the exact situation Blueface is in.”

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More Details on Chrisean Rock’s Arrest

During an Instagram live on Monday, March 4, Rock mentioned that she was working on getting her arrest warrant cleaned up. She said she talked to people to help her situation and paid some fees to clear some things up. On the IG live, Rock explained that her old self would have turned herself in. But now that she has a son, she’s trying to be cautious, and she wouldn’t want to be in jail while her son is growing up. Rock seemed so sure that her plans of clearing her warrants were working. But that doesn’t look like the case right now.

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Blueface’s Manager Sheds Light on Chrisean Rock’s Legal Situation - GistFest (3)

As a result, on Monday, June 10, Rock was arrested after she entered Van Nuys West Courthouse with her son, Chrisean Jr. She was arrested based on a fugitive hold due to charges that were filed against her in Oklahoma. According to a trusted source, Rock went to Van Nuys West Courthouse to support her man who was behind bars.

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Chrisean Rock’s Arrest Warrant

According to TMZ, Rock’s arrest in Arizona was based on misdemeanor charges. While in May, Rock was charged with assault in the state of California. Concerning her charges in Oklahoma, it’s been confirmed that Rock would be moved to the state.

Blueface’s Manager Sheds Light on Chrisean Rock’s Legal Situation - GistFest (4)

On June 13, Rock made an appearance in court, and her record at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was updated. The record currently states that Rock’s charge following her arrest by LAPD fugitives has been reduced to a misdemeanor.

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The record also states that Oklahoma gave Rock a no-bail warrant. So, no one is allowed to bail her out until they decide. However, it looks like Blueface will be released soon.

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Blueface’s Manager Sheds Light on Chrisean Rock’s Legal Situation - GistFest (2024)


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