Bluefaces Girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix, In 2023: Kid With Chrisean Rock! (2024)

After Blueface's on-and-off relationship with his girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix, they are still together as of 2023. He was not married to Chrisean Rock, but she recently gave birth to his child.

Rapper Blueface is very well-liked and has had a big impact on the music business with his number-one single Thotiana. He arrived on the scene in 2018 and rapidly became well-known for his distinctive style of hip-hop. He incorporates parts of the West Coast rap movement into his music to pay homage to the genre's recognizable sound and culture. His talent for writing songs that captivate listeners and make an enduring impact has driven his ascent to popularity.

Chrisean Rock posted the first image of her and Blueface's newborn child, Chrisean Malone Jr., on Instagram on Tuesday, September 5. In the picture, the Baltimore rapper gently supports Chrisean Malone Jr.'s head while he slumbers. The 23-year-old rapper captioned the image with a touching statement, thanking God for a safe birth. This made fans wonder about the rapper's current girlfriend in 2023.

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Blueface Is Back With His Girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix as of 2023!

Blueface (@bluefasebabyy) has always been in a dramatic relationship with his girlfriend. He has devoted fans and has risen to the top of the rap scene because of his infectious tunes and upbeat performances. He is still making waves in the music business thanks to his unquestionable talent and distinctive flair. Listeners connect with his music, which also demonstrates his capacity to push limits and redefine the genre. His career is still going strong, and he is still a major player in the hip-hop scene, but his relationship is messed up.

Blueface is back with his girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix (@officialjaidynalexxis) as of 2023. He has never missed an opportunity to flaunt his love for Jaidyn Alexis, and he did it once more when he displayed her noteworthy assets. The "Thotiana" rapper shared a video of Alexis, with whom he has two children, talking on the phone to a friend while sporting barely-there booty shorts and flaunting her cakes on August 10.

Bluefaces Girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix, In 2023: Kid With Chrisean Rock! (1)Blueface and his girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix, first met in high school.
Source: Instagram

However, it's safe to suggest that their relationship status could change since the two have been together and apart for a decade—the two first met in high school. Earlier this year, Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis reconciled after the former's breakup with Chrisean Rock (@chriseanchriseanchrisean), who gave birth to his child. He has been portraying his best life on social media with his girlfriend, Jaidyn, despite Chrisean giving birth to the rapper's third child.

In addition to being a social media influencer, the rapper's on-again, off-again girlfriend also wants to be a rapper. In fact, Blueface posted images of himself having fun with Jaidyn while Chrisean gave birth on Instagram. While criticizing him for his actions online, he acknowledged his relationship with Jaidyn and hinted that they would be married.

Blueface’s Ex-girlfriend, Chrisean Malone, Gave Birth to His Child!

It is well known that Blueface's relationship is turbulent, with many ups and downs. His son was recently delivered by his ex-girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, without him being present. They manage their romance amid publicized controversies and incidents despite their on-again, off-again relationship status. Fans and haters of the couple both keep a close eye on their relationship because of how unpredictable the couple's chemistry continues to be.

Blueface wasn't married to Chrisean Rock, his ex-girlfriend. When it was revealed that the wedding scene was actually made for a music video of their collaboration, "Dear Rock," the suspicions and conjecture surrounding their apparent wedding were dispelled. He has stated his disbelief in the institution of marriage and his mistrust of the idea of it.

Bluefaces Girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix, In 2023: Kid With Chrisean Rock! (2)Blueface's ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock's pregnancy picture.
Source: Instagram

On September 3, the Crazy in Love actress gave birth to their first child together while livestreaming the event on Instagram Live. Later, she revealed on social media that she had given the child the name Chrisean Malone in honor of herself. When the child was born, Blueface was out having fun with his other baby mother and current girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis.

Blueface took to X on Monday night (September 4) to express his displeasure with Chrisean's name choice. Additionally, he said that during their tumultuous relationship, his ex-girlfriend "manipulated" him into getting her pregnant and utilized her acting prowess to convince audiences that she was the victim.

As he was not present with Chrisean while she gave birth to his baby while he was having fun with his current girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis. The Respect My Cryptin singer received criticism from several people who called him out for his disrespectful behavior. You can check out his recent Instagram with his current partner, where fans are showing love towards Chrisean and criticizing them.


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Bluefaces Girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexix, In 2023: Kid With Chrisean Rock! (2024)


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