Dayforce HCM Functional Consultant - HR Transformation - PH PDC (2024)

Service Line / Portfolios: Human Capital


Manila, PH

Title: Ceridian Consultant based in Deloitte Consulting Philippines Delivery Center

Are you ready to unleash your potential?

At Deloitte, our purpose is to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people, and the communities we serve.

We believe we have a responsibility to be a force for good, and WorldImpact is our portfolio of initiatives focused on making a tangible impact on society’s biggest challenges and creating a better future. We strive to advise clients on how to deliver purpose-led growth and embed more equitable, inclusive as well as sustainable business practices.

Hence, we seek talented individuals driven to excel and innovate, working together to achieve our shared goals.

We are committed to creating positive work experiences that foster a culture of respect and inclusion, where diverse perspectives are celebrated, and everyone is recognized for their contributions.

Ready to unleash your potential with us? Join the winning team now!

What work you’ll do

Deloitte's Human Resources Transformation offering help organizations drive productivity, value and impact through the organization, the workforce, and HR.

You will be part of a team that leverage research, analytics, technology solutions and industry insights to help create an organization that is adaptable to change, can respond to the increasing need for transparency in the era of the Social Enterprise; compose a workforce that drives productivity and value - today and in the future, and; design all aspects of work in a way that allows the worker to find meaning in the work they perform.

  • Contribute to defining the target state architecture for the Dayforce solution with emphasis on the functional components within the platform
  • Provide Dayforce functional solution expertise across the platform encompassing Core HR, Talent, Payroll and WFM, working closely with the program functional teams.
  • Lead discussions with the client and the Deloitte team for the design, configuration and testing of the constituent capabilities across the platform
  • Be a recognised functional expert in at least WFM or Payroll capabilities within Dayforce
  • Present Dayforce functional solution proposals during key forums such as program Design Boards and governance forums
  • Propose and review functional solutions across the Dayforce solution and the wider solution landscape driving best practice principles. (This includes Dayforce as well as client legacy solutions)
  • Provide insights and guidance to clients on the impact of Dayforce to current ways of working
  • Provide expertise and guidance to senior Deloitte and client stakeholders at the required level of detail to drive the best outcomes for the client and the program.
  • Resolve functional solution problems areas, including design challenges, integration issues or functional solution capability

Your role as a leader

At Deloitte, we believe in the importance of empowering our people to be leaders at all levels. We expect our people to embrace and live our purpose and shared values, challenging themselves every day to identify issues that are most important to our clients, our people and the communities, and to make an impact that matters. In addition to living our purpose, Consultants across our Firm are expected to:

  • Understand objectives for stakeholders, clients and Deloitte whilst aligning own performance to objectives and sets personal priorities
  • Develop themselves by actively seeking opportunities for growth, shares knowledge and experiences with others, and acts as a strong brand ambassador
  • Seek opportunities to challenge themselves, collaborate with others to deliver and takes accountability for results
  • Build relationships and communicates effectively to positively influence peers and stakeholders
  • Work effectively in diverse teams within a highly inclusive team culture where everyone is supported, respected, and recognized for their contribution
  • Completing an analysis on eligibility changes structure for compensation plan

Enough about us, let’s talk about you

If you are someone with:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Information Technology, or equivalent
  • With at least 2 years of experience in Ceridian Dayforce
  • Strong Dayforce technical solution expertise demonstrated through project delivery across the platform
  • End-to-end lifecycle experience in Dayforce
  • Experience in designing and implementing the Dayforce solution across the platform and a mix of clients
  • Recognised as a Dayforce functional expert in at least WFM or Payroll capabilities
  • Clear understanding of Dayforce functional solution capabilities and how these meet client business needs
  • Strong communication and stakeholder management skills with experience collaborating with stakeholders at all levels

What is in store for you?

  • Embrace the dynamic nature of our work environment with the opportunity to work on a hybrid set-up and a shifting schedule.
  • Rewards platform - your hard work won't go unnoticed at Deloitte!
  • Training and development - at Deloitte, we believe in investing in our best assets, the people! You will have access to world class training and funding towards industry and other professional certifications.
  • Receive support and mentoring to progress your career. You will have access to mentors and coaches who will help you pave a path for career progression.
  • Benefits effective upon hiring including paid time off and holidays, health, and life insurance!

Next Steps

Sound like the sort of role for you? Apply now.

Due to volume of applications, we regret only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Candidates will only be contacted by authorized Deloitte Recruiters via firm’s business contact number or business email address.

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Dayforce HCM Functional Consultant - HR Transformation - PH PDC (2024)


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