Metropolitan Transit System San Diego Schedule (2024)

1. Departures and Schedules | San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

  • Broadway & 4th Av, Stop ID 10841#10841. 215. 225. 235. at 7:35. pm. 3 min delay. Real-time Bus. 215. →. Downtown TripRef: 1|4992|1|85|7072024.

  • Adult Fare

2. Bus Routes | San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

  • Schedule information for all MTS bus routes in the San Diego region, including routes, schedules, and timetables.

3. Bus Routes | San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - Trip Planner

  • Schedule information for all MTS bus routes in the San Diego region, including routes, schedules, and timetables.

4. VIA Metropolitan Transit: VIAHome

  • SCHEDULES. Dropdown Routes Form - New. Dropdown. 2 BLANCO FREQUENT, 3 SAN PEDRO ... 123 N. Medina St. San Antonio, TX 78207. Facebook · Twitter · Instagram ...

  • VIA Metropolitan Transit provides regional multimodal transportation options that connect our community to opportunity, support economic vitality and enhance quality of life throughout our region.

VIA Metropolitan Transit: VIAHome

5. San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - PassPort to San Diego

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - PassPort to San Diego

6. Metropolitan Transit System - Facebook

  • Metropolitan Transit System, San Diego, California. 17089 likes · 38 talking about this. Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) provides bus & Trolley...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

7. Public Transit at UC San Diego - UCSD Transportation Services

  • UC San Diego PRONTO FAQ · Triton U-Pass · FaSt Pass

  • Several mass transit routes serve UC San Diego. Different programs provide transit access for faculty, staff, students and affiliates.

8. Public Transportation, Bus Routes & Trolley Service | San Diego ...

  • For more information on the Metropolitan Transit System, call 619-233-3004 ... Download the Airport to Old Town Transit Center schedule here. Download ...

  • Online trip planner, public transit information, including trolley, Amtrak and city bus, and private car services

9. Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) - Parking and Transportation | SDSU

  • ... Schedule below. Spring 2024 MTS Semester Transit passes are non ... San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and North County Transit District services.

  • SDSU is serviced by the MTS Trolley Green Line. This trolley line connects SDSU to the rest of San Diego.

10. Trip Planning - VIA Metropolitan Transit

  • ... System Map. HELPFUL RESOURCES. WIFI. Free 4G LTE WiFi. VIA ... Zoom down to an area in San Antonio to see small blue bus icons representing VIA bus stops.

  • Get around San Antonio easy with VIA’s trip planner that allows you to enter where you want to go or select from a variety of routes.

11. Public Transit Passes, Trolley Information and Bus Routes

  • 8 sep 2021 · ... San Diego Transit buses and the Trolley ... Trolley schedule and information may be found at the Metropolitan Transit System Web site.

  • Viejas Arena Ticket Office sells discounted transit passes for unlimited rides on San Diego Transit buses and the Trolley. SDSU and San Diego Transit work together to provide you with extensive bus and trolley services.

12. San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - CPTDB Wiki

  • The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System or MTS is the public transit provider for Central, South, Northeast and Southeast San Diego County, California.

  • The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System or MTS is the public transit provider for Central, South, Northeast and Southeast San Diego County, California. It includes the cities of San Diego, Chula Vista, Coronado, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Poway & Santee.

13. Metro | Bus, Rail, Subway, Bike & Micro in Los Angeles

  • Explore Los Angeles by public transit. Start with Metro schedules, maps, arrival times, parking info, trip planning, stations, and fares.

Metro | Bus, Rail, Subway, Bike & Micro in Los Angeles

14. Trip Planner - Metro Transit

  • Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Leave now, Depart at, Arrive by. Select time. Time. Date. More options. I'm willing to walk: 1/4 ...

  • Begin typing, then select an option from the list.

Metropolitan Transit System San Diego Schedule (2024)


Does San Diego have a good transit system? ›

San Diego Public Transportation

San Diego and its surrounding areas have accessible and affordable public transit systems that include trolleys, buses, trains, and shuttles.

Is MTS only in San Diego? ›

MTS serves San Diego proper and the surrounding East County and South Bay regions, while the North County area is served by the North County Transit District's BREEZE bus system. Routes marked as having "frequent service" operate with 15-minute or better frequency during weekday base hours.

How much is a day pass for the bus San Diego? ›

Pass Prices
PassesStandard PricePremium Price
Regional Adult Month Pass¹Standard Price: $72Premium Price: $100
Regional Reduced Fare Month Pass¹Standard Price: $23Premium Price: $32
Adult 1-Day PassStandard Price: $6Premium Price: $12
Reduced Fare 1-Day PassStandard Price: $3Premium Price: $6
4 more rows

What time does the Trolley stop running in San Diego? ›

The San Diego Trolley's three main lines operate regular service between 5 am and midnight, seven days a week.

What US city has the busiest transit system? ›

New York City takes the top spot thanks to its high density, robust, 24/7 subway system, and complementary bus network. The city also boasts a ferry system and one of the nation's largest bike share networks.

Who has the best public transit system in the world? ›

1. Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong topped the list and earned the title of the best public transport system in the world.

How many people use MTS? ›

MTS generates 88 million annual passenger trips or 300,000 trips each weekday pre-COVID. To handle the demand, the agency schedules 7,000 trips each weekday, and has 160+ trolley cars and 750 buses in its fleet.

Who runs MTS San Diego? ›

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
Chief executiveSharon Cooney
HeadquartersJames R. Mills Building 1255 Imperial Avenue San Diego, CA
9 more rows

How many buses does MTS have? ›

MTS Bus has a total of 797 buses; 483 are powered by compressed natural gas, 12 are gasoline/electric hybrid and the remaining are gasoline or diesel-powered.

What age is senior on the San Diego Trolley? ›

We offer reduced fares and passes for:

Senior Citizens (65+ or born on or before September 1, 1959) Medicare Recipients (not MediCal) People with disabilities who qualify for a reduced fare under federal and state law.

Can I use a PRONTO card for a coaster? ›

Simply load money to your PRONTO card or app account, then tap or scan every time you ride! Riders must tap their card or scan the app at validators located on board buses or on SPRINTER and COASTER station platforms before each trip.

How much is it to rent a bus in San Diego? ›

Charter Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your San Diego Bus Rental Costs
Type of BusPer HourPer Day
56-Passenger Charter Bus$140 – $195$1,355 –$1,755
25-Passenger Minibus$135 – $175$1,310 – $1,610
20-Passenger Minibus$125 - $170$1,260 - $1,510
18-Passenger Minibus$125 - $165$1,220 - $1,460

Is there a free shuttle from San Diego airport? ›

We have three free shuttles to get you where you need to go at and around the airport: Terminal Loop Shuttle – runs between Terminals 1 and 2 daily from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. To learn more about where to pick up our Terminal Loop Shuttle, watch our video.

Are San Diego trolleys free? ›

Trolley and bus adult fares are inexpensive and children 5 and under ride for free.

Is San Diego trolley worth it? ›

Nice way to see the city! This is a short and sweet tour of San Diego and a good way to learn a bit about its history. The guides are friendly and funny. Only tip would be to sit near the front as it's hard to hear what they are saying while they are driving because of the wind!

Can I get around San Diego without a car? ›

You may even find that it's actually less stressful to get around San Diego without a car. The city offers a plethora of options, including an extensive public transportation system. You can also rent bikes or scooters, take a trolley tour, book a ride-share, hop on a ferry, or enjoy a walk on the many boardwalks.

Is San Diego good for van life? ›

San Elijo State Beach tops the list of must-visit van camping spots near San Diego. With full hookups, showers, and access to a stunning beach, it's a favorite among surfers, families, and vanlifers alike.

Does California have good public transit? ›

California has some of the best public transportation, according to a new study. Hire a Helper, a moving service, released a 2023 ranking of metropolitan areas in the United States with the top public transit.

Is the San Diego trolley good? ›

The trolley is so charming, I would highly recommend! They picked up and dropped off at our hotel which was so helpful. We did a 5 hour tour but could have easily gone longer… there is just so much to see in San Diego!


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