OSBORN ROAD over BOGGS CREEK TRIBUTARY Muskingum County, Ohio Bridge Inspection Report (2024)

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Bridge Inspections

Basic Information

County, State: Muskingum County, OhioStructure Number: 6054250
Maintenance Responsibility: County Highway AgencyOwnership: County Highway Agency
Facility Carried By Structure: OSBORN ROADFeatures Intersected (Location): BOGGS CREEK TRIBUTARY (0.06 MI N OF SR 146)
Year Built: 1900Year Reconstructed: 2018
Average Daily Traffic (Year): 324 (2015) with 7% truck trafficFuture Average Daily Traffic (Year): 450 (2035)

NBI Report

NBI Bridge Condition Good
Inspection Date (Inspection Frequency): Nov. 2022 (Every 24 Months)
Structural Evaluation: 7: Better than present minimum criteria
Deck Geometry2: Basically intolerable requiring high priority of replacement
Underclear/Vertical and Horizontal: N: Not applicable
Superstructure8: VERY GOOD CONDITION - no problems noted.
Substructure7: GOOD CONDITION - some minor problems.
Channel/Channel Protection7: Bank protection is in need of minor repairs. River control devices and embankment protection have a little minor damage. Banks and/or channel have minor amounts of drift.
CulvertsN: Not applicable. Use if structure is not a culvert.
Waterway Adequacy: 7: Slight chance of overtopping bridge deck and roadway approaches.
Approach Roadway Alignment: 7: Better than present minimum criteria
Bridge PostingNo posting required: Equal to or above legal loads
Pier/Abutment Protection: 1: Navigation protection not required
Scour Critical Bridges: 8: Bridge foundations determined to be stable for assessed or calculated scour conditions; calculated scour is above top of footing.
Bridge Railings: 1: Inspected feature meets currently acceptable standards.
Transitions: 0: Inspected feature does not meet currently acceptable standards or a safety feature is required and none is provided.
Approach Guardrail: 0: Inspected feature does not meet currently acceptable standards or a safety feature is required and none is provided.
Approach Guardrail Ends: 0: Inspected feature does not meet currently acceptable standards or a safety feature is required and none is provided.
Historical significance: 5: Bridge is not eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

More Information

Designated Level of ServiceMainline
Route Number: T0192
Kilometerpoint: 0.097
Bypass/Detour Length: 5.00 kilometers
Toll: On free road. The structure is toll-free and carries a toll-free highway.
Functional Class Of Inventory Route: Rural: Local
Lanes On Structure: 1
Lanes Under Structure: 0
Design Load: MS 18 or HS 20
Approach Roadway Width: 5.80 meters
Bridge Median: No median
Skew: 30
Structure Flared: No flare
Navigation Control: No navigation control on waterway (bridge permit not required).
Navigation Vertical Clearance: 0.00 meters
Navigation Horizontal Clearance: 0.00 meters
Structure Open/Posted/Closed: Open, no restriction
Type of Service On Bridge: Highway
Type of Service Under Bridge: Waterway
Kind of Material/Design: Steel
Type of Design/Construction: Stringer/Multi-beam or Girder
Kind of Material/Design: Other
Type of Design/Construction: Other
Number Of Spans In Main Unit: 1
Number Of Approach Spans: 0
Inventory Route Total Horizontal Clearance: 4.90 meters
Length Of Maximum Span: 6.70 meters
Structure Length: 7.00 meters
Left Curb/Sidewalk Width: 0.00 meters
Right Curb/Sidewalk Width: 0.00 meters
Bridge Roadway Width Curb-To-Curb: 4.90 meters
Deck Width/Out-To-Out: 4.90 meters
Operating Rating (Method): 97.20 metric tons(7)
Inventory Rating (Methon): 74.50 metric tons (7)
STRAHNET Highway Designation: The inventory route is not a STRAHNET route.
Parallel Structure Designation: No parallel structure exists.
Direction Of Traffic: One lane bridge for 2-way traffic
Highway System Of Inventory Route: Inventory Route is not on the NHS
Federal Lands Highways: Not applicable
Deck Structure Type: Wood or Timber
Type of Wearing Surface: Bituminous
Type of Membrane: None
Deck Protection: None
Designated National Network: The inventory route is not part of the national network for trucks.
NBIS Bridge Length: Yes

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Total # of Bridges'+feature.properties.total+'
Bridges need repair or corrective action'+feature.properties.nf+'
Rated Poor by USDOT'+feature.properties.poor+''+feature.properties.pctpoor+'
Structurally Deficient'+feature.properties.sd+''+feature.properties.pctsd+'

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Structurally Deficient';} else { var sd = '';} if(feature.properties.fo == 'y'){var fo = '
Functionally Obsolete';} else { var fo = '';} var popupContent = "";// var popupContent = "

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NBI Inspection Date'+feature.properties.idte+'
Overall Status'+ost+'
NBI Bridge Condition'+bc+sd+fo+'
Sufficiency Rating'+feature.properties.sr+'
Structural Evaluation'+feature.properties.item67+': '+feature.properties.stru+'
Deck Geometry'+feature.properties.item68+': '+feature.properties.deck+'

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OSBORN ROAD over BOGGS CREEK TRIBUTARY Muskingum County, Ohio Bridge Inspection Report (2024)


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