Picture of Blueface before he was famous with emo hair goes viral as fans gush over Chrisean Rock (2024)

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are often topics of debate on social media. Recently, the duo went viral after images of them before hitting stardom made it online. Netizens have since taken to the internet to share their opinions on the same. One netizen said:

Netizen reacts to the image of the model (Image via RapVerse/Facebook)

Over the weekend, old images of Chrisean Rock and Blueface circulated online. The latter’s appearance took the internet by surprise. In the viral picture, the rapper sported a blue polo t-shirt and baggy jeans. He also wore his hair in a flattened long fringe that is synonymous with the emo scene.

Chrisean Rock's high school picture also shocked many. In the picture, she showed off her sporty physique and makeup. It appeared as if the youngster was well aware of how to confidently pose for the camera.

How the images made it online remains unknown at the time of writing this article.

Netizens are in a frenzy after images of Chrisean Rock and Blueface before becoming popular go viral

Internet users endlessly complimented Chrisean Rock for her appearance while viciously trolling Blueface online. Many compared the latter to popular pop and emo band singers. Bands Panic At the Disco and Fall Out Boy were frequently mentioned in comments about the Thotiana rapper. Here are a few reactions to the viral images:

Chrisean Rock announces that she is pressing charges against Blueface

Chrisean Rock and Blueface recently made headlines after the latter accused the former of not caring about their son’s hernia. The internet was also flabbergasted after Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, shared images of his baby’s genitals on X (formerly Twitter).

In response to the same, Chrisean Rock took to Instagram to reveal during a livestream that she was going to take legal action against the father of her child.

“This is what I get. Because I gave a ni*ga the benefit of the doubt to be a dad, to also just expose his son for pleasure. What do you think people gon’ do with that picture? It’s our son, but you treating it like it’s my son. If it was your son, I wouldn’t think you would post your son p*nis like that. Then you think it ain’t gonna get serious," Chrisean said. "Bro you’re going to jail. And I’m pressing charges. Yeah, I’m doing all that bro. I don’t need no money, no child support, but I’m pressing charges. You wanna play this police game? Okay,” she added.

After posting the explicit image of his child, Porter claimed on X that his phone was hacked.

Meanwhile, the singer is battling a series of legal issues. In June, Porter was charged with robbery in Las Vegas. The following month, he pleaded guilty to shooting outside a club.

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Picture of Blueface before he was famous with emo hair goes viral as fans gush over Chrisean Rock (1) Picture of Blueface before he was famous with emo hair goes viral as fans gush over Chrisean Rock (2)

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Picture of Blueface before he was famous with emo hair goes viral as fans gush over Chrisean Rock (2024)


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