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Last (SGD): 2.350 Change: - High: - Remarks: DL

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SuspSuspendedIMMImmediate Delivery
PLPending ListingPAPending Announcement
DLDelistedCTConditional Trading
CWConditional When IssueWIWhen Issue
BIBuyIn OnlyJAdjust
HTrading HaltCDCum Dividend
XDEx DividendCBCum Bonus
XBEx BonusCRCum Rights
XREx RightsCOCum Offer
XOEx OfferCECum Entitlement
XEEx EntitlementCICum Interest
XIEx InterestCACum All
XAEx AllSCScripless Conversion
CIRBCircuit Breaker TriggeredCIRHHalt due to Circuit Breaker Triggered
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Open - Yesterday's Close 2.350
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Company Background

Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH), is Southeast Asia's leading media organisation, engaging minds and enriching lives across multiple languages and platforms.

In Singapore, SPH publishes 18 newspaper titles in four languages and more than 100 periodicals. Every day, 3 million individuals,or 77 per cent of people above 15 years old, read one of our publications. The online editions of our main newspapers enjoy over 265 million page views with 18 million unique visitors every month.

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Key Statistics

EPS (SGD) a , l 0.04084 Trailing EPS (SGD) b 0.04084 NAV (SGD) c 2.2443
PE a , l 57.542 Trailing PE d 57.540 Price / NAV c 1.0471
Dividend Yield (%) e 2.539 Cash In Hand (SGD) f 0.4601 Issued & Paid-up Shares g 1,617,011,000
Piotroski F Score 7 Market Cap (M) 3,799.976 Free Float (%) 96.4
Return on Equity (ROE) (%) h 1.820 Revenue Growth (%) TTM i -48.025
Net Earnings Growth (%) j 160.720 Net Debt/Equity k 0.612 Net Debt (SGD '000) -
Under CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) Yes
Sector & Industry Manufacturing - Publishing: Newspapers
Index Components FTSE ST All-Share Consumer Discretionary Index / FTSE ST All-Share Index / FTSE ST Large/Mid Cap Index / FTSE ST Mid Cap Index
  1. Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted based on Profit Attributable To Shareholders.

  2. Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.

  3. Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for carrying value of "Other Share Capital", illustrative financial effects of corporate actions (if applicable) and the current number of shares.

  4. Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.

  5. Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.

  6. Based on reported cash and cash equivalents at end and extracted from the latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.

  7. Rounded to the nearest thousand. The figure pertains to the respective exchange the stock is listed on. Updated on 10 May 2022. Please click here for more information.

  8. Calculated based on Net Earnings / (Shareholders' Equity - Other Share Capital)

  9. Calculated based on (Current Year Revenue - Last Year Revenue) / Last Year Revenue

  10. Calculated based on (Current Year Earnings - Last Year Earnings) / Last Year Earnings

  11. Calculated based on (Long Term Debt + Short Term Debt - Cash and Short Term Investments)/(Shareholders' Equity - Other Share Capital)

  12. Adjusted based on Profit Attributable To Shareholders which is derived after deducting provision for perpetual securities dividends of S$26,901,000.

Latest News

  • 18 Apr 2022 09:00

    SPH shareholders to decide about opting for cash in Cuscaden acquisition Source: Business Times

  • 04 Apr 2022 09:00

    Court sanctions Cuscaden takeover scheme; SPH's last day of trading on Apr 7 Source: Business Times

  • 25 Mar 2022 09:00

    What is next for SPH with Cuscaden takeover? Source: Straits Times

  • 24 Mar 2022 09:00

    SPH shareholders vote for Cuscaden takeover offer Source: Straits Times

  • 24 Mar 2022 09:00

    SPH shareholders vote in favour of Cuscaden takeover offer Source: Business Times

  • 19 Mar 2022 09:00

    Breaking up SPH is hard to do, says CEO Ng Yat Chung Source: Business Times

  • 02 Mar 2022 09:00

    SPH to hold shareholder vote on Cuscaden offer on March 22 Source: Straits Times

  • 02 Mar 2022 09:00

    SPH to hold scheme meeting on Mar 22 to vote on Cuscaden takeover offer Source: Business Times

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Total Shareholder Return

PeriodDividend ReceivedCapital AppreciationTotal Shareholder Return
Short Term Return5 Days---
10 Days---
20 Days---
Medium Term Return3 Months-+0.020+0.86 %
6 Months0.030+0.040+3.03 %
1 Year0.030+0.750+48.75 %
Long Term Return2 Years0.070+0.870+63.51 %
3 Years0.150-0.019+5.53 %
5 Years0.425-0.853-13.36 %
Annualised ReturnAnnualised---2.83 %
  1. Total Shareholder Return (TSR) combines share price appreciation and dividends paid to show the total return to the shareholder expressed as a percentage.

  2. Script dividends are ignored in this calculation.

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SPH - SINGAPORE PRESS HLDGS  (T39.SI) : Company Factsheet (Quotes, News, Fundamentals) (2024)


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